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Automail From Multiple emails

I have looked through the threads to make sure that no one has asked the question already , and i have looked through the manual already and i couldn't find a clear answer.

My hosting company only lets me have 250 smtp relays (emails) sent per day , per email . So my way of getting around this was to create more email accounts on my hosting to be able to get over the 250 email limit. 

I read in another thread that GSA Email Spider supports spintax. So i tried it and it didn't work for me . So i have been left with setting it to stop sending at 250 . Manually going in and changing the email until it gets to 250 and doing it again over and over. This continual cycle is on about a 13 min rotation. So every 13 min I have been going in and changing to a new email. There has to be a better way than this.

Is there a certain format that i must enter the emails in , or a certain box i must enter them in to make it just use spintax and send out my emails from all of the different addresses. All emails are on the same server and have the same login password . I just need to change the from email which matches the login .

Or am i mistaken that this feature is in GSA Email Spider.

Any help with this is much appreciated.


  • SvenSven
    Well you can use spintax on the email config to use {email1|email2|...} and it will work.
  • So since my email and login are the same would i put {email1|email2|...} in the "your own email" box and the "login" box ? This is what i tried the first time and it never worked for me or is there a special configuration that I have to do to get it to work properly. 
  • Hey,

    I'm trying this now using {||}

    Using email options "login" box - checked Webmail Sent box on host doesnt seem to be sending yet.

    Will keep checking and update :)
  • Dont think this is working - the spintax
  • hasnt been working for me either it looks like its sending out but but i think for the login box its only sending from 1 email so its still hitting my 250 a day limit for that email and not sending from other ones.
  • Shame would have been great if it worked :)
  • ChrisLanceChrisLance
    edited November 2014
    I would like to know this as-well.
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