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I paid for 10 semi-dedicated proxies at solidproxies and they didn't delivered.

I opened a support ticket and a guy Steve says:
"Hi there,

The setup looks to be complete in our system so you should have received an email with your login details.

If not, please get back in touch with us and we will fix it for you.



I didn't received the details by mail, wrote them again and no response.
I'll rise a dispute in PayPal to get my money back.

What do you know about that "service"? Have you used it?


  • No they are not. They have anti-fraud measures in place on orders so maybe you tripped something and your order was delayed or email sent to spam?

    I ordered from them about a month ago and had issues with them. I ended up cancelling and receiving a refund even though they don't have a refund policy. I barely even used the service and was polite about the issues I had so perhaps that's why I received one. Try contacting them here.
  • Where should I contact them?
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I have been with solid for over a year, proxies and for my servers and have had nothing but great support from them.

    I'm sure it's all just a misunderstanding some where and they will get it all fixed for you.
  • xeroxiasxeroxias United States
    Been with them for a very long time! great and fast customer service! they even gave me 15 days free VPS while i was moving my package with them! kudos to them!
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    edited November 2014

    We have contacted you right after you opened a ticket, even responded to you on the other thread

    You were just not lucky with us, you placed the order at the moment we started our scheduled upgrade at, so everything was pretty much shutdown for the 2 hours and this 2 hours was the period of time it takes us to get back to you with your activation.. We apologize for any inconvience this may have caused.
  • Scheduled upgrade?

    Did you notify your customers of this?
    Was it on the blog?

    I only ask because it seems that companies located in the US seem to post outage notifications in advance.  Seems like outside, they don't but say they are scheduled.  When the only people who know they are scheduled are the people working at said company.

    If you did... awesome.  I must have missed the email.  Did it affect my proxies?  Hope not.  Things customers want to know when the service may undergo and outage which is totally understandable in the world of tech.

    I actually like Solidproxies.  I use them.  They are too slow for scraping in my plan (10 semi-dedicated) ...


    They switch out burned proxies and I never think about it.  I rarely if ever see any thing go thru SER regarding a proxy.  All in all.. it's a very good service and worth every penny if you want to run SER. 
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    edited November 2014

    Yes we did actually send it couples days ago, kindly check maybe it ended it on spam for some reasons.
  • I received 2 invoices (1 payment due by and 1 payment reminder)

    But that was it.  I'm pissed!  You are getting a my super secret package of backlinks!!!!!!!!

    Exact Match Text = Sweetness, Awesome, Best Proxy Provides

    I'll spare you the Adult Video sites as I reserve those for my best friends.  You are a work friend.  No offense.
  • Solid proxies is a great service I don't know why you had problems with them, I had no such issues. They are a very professional outfit. There product is amazing...proxies that never die, I run GSA for 24 hours, search for links, If i get banned by Google and a new Proxie regenerated in its place a second later.

    What Proxie provider can do that and for only $16.50 for 10 semi, so what there not private but your private proxies from another provider will die my semi don't.
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