100% blob recaptcha issue

Hi, everybody

"100% blob recaptcha issue" is still present. 
my GSA SER is 9.22 (the newest version).

When I type captcha manually with gsa on vps, I got almost 100% blob recaptcha. So I used my own laptop to test this issue, I found that normal recaptch which is easy is always present when I use browser manually, but at the same time gsa just gets the blob recaptcha which is hard to read.
so I got a very low success rate with manual input on gsa.

I feel that Google maybe find the difference between browser and gsa ser. 

There are some threads about the same issue I can not find the solution.

Hope @Sven and Your guys give some help.
Thank you!


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Why a new thread about this? All is said in the other once you posted.
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