SEO Indexer missing verified results?


Im not sure if its a bug.

I start noticing this in the past days, but im not sure if it was always that way.
I use SEO Indexer and also 2 other services.
The problem is that the number of verified results is always much higher than the number of SEO indexer rewceived urls.

And it keeps in that way all the time.

Im using also linkcentaurus and linkprocessor. Im NOT using indexer only to dofollow or any of that filters.
The Urls in SEO indexer is always far awy from the number of verified results in SER Ranker.

Anu advice?
@Sven can you give me some help please?


  • After sometime, the thing still the same.
    GSA SER shows 2800+ verified, BUT GSA Indexer shows 1600+ url to index.
  • Finally, after 3 hours it looks like most verified was sent to SEO indexer. I was impacient.
  • But NOT ALWAYS have same results, sometimes it has much less indexed verified results. 
    Did anybody can help/guide me to avoid this?
    I know that using some external indexer could help, but i want to take SEO indexer at 100% in GSA SER.

  • SvenSven
    duplicate URLs are e.g. not indexed.
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    Hi @Sven. Thanks for your answer :) One more question:

    In the Verified urls on SER we can find duplicated URLS?

    My main concern is to see the difference between the number in GSA SER and SEO indexer.

    In the last image, per example, GSA SER shows 2677 verified results and SEO indexer shows 1574 is like 2/3 of the GSA SER results only. 

    So, the "real number" is the SEO indexer one? I mean the reaL number of backlinks that will be indexed by Search Engines?
    In the last image case, is 1574 and not the 2677 of the 3 active projectS in GSA SER?
    One page can have more than one backlink of my project? It cant post to the same URL Twice?

    Excuse me for all this wurstions but i want to understand. Thanks in advance

  • SvenSven
    If you have 3 projects, then it can happen that all of them will send a link to the same site and so SER will just send one URL to SEO Indexer. This is the case for engines having a link on the same URL any time like guestbooks or blog comments/trackbacks.
  • Ok, it looks that it happends a lot, because the 30% are in the same situation. But yes, i guess, that is the case. I will analize the log to find if this is te case.

    Thanks @Sven :)

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    I saw some case (often) where i dont think is the same url, and the maths apparently shows that some urls are missing .
    Maybe there is an exp'lanation i dont get, but im just want to make sure.


  • SvenSven
    Do you use PING URLs?
  • Submit backlink url to search engines? Yes.

  • SvenSven
    that can cause a real slow down...try to disable it and Im sure you see it indexing way faster.
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