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Private Socks5 service

Premium quality Socks5 proxy service:

Countries: any
Number of proxies online: from 2500 up to 5000
Supported protocols: only Socks5
Flexible rates
Free test for 2 hours

Maximum number of allowed connections: 200
Carding and any other illegal actions are strictly prohibited
PPC clicks are prohibited
Mail spam is prohibited
In case of violation of our rules your account will be blocked without moneyback. 


You can choose from two possible subscription plans:
Plan 1 - USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
Plan 2 - Europe + exUSSR

Subscription duration

Plan 1
Day $20
Week $100
Month $300

Plan 2
Day $10
Week $50
Month $150


Can I have a free test account?
Yes, we give the free test for 2 hours.

How does the proxy list look like?
Our proxy list has the following format: [IPORT];[Real IP];[Country code];[Country name];[Region code];[Region name];[City], e.g.:;;US;United States;IL;Illinois;Chicago 
The format of the list can be modified for your needs.

What number of connection is allowed?
You can make up to 200 connections from you IP address. But keep in mind that usually a program creates more than 1 proxy connection on each thread. Thus, 200 connections and 200 threads in your software are not the same things.

What protocols are supported?
Our proxies support only SOCKS5 protocol.

How often should I refresh the proxy list?
The proxy list is updated once in a minute - there's no need to refresh it more often.

What number of IPs can I use your proxies from?
Our subscription rates are considered for use from 1 IP. You can add additional IPs to your subscription for extra money.

How much does it cost to add an addtional IP to my subscription?
It costs 30% of the base rate.

Is 25 port open on your proxies?
No, we don't allow smtp mailing with our proxies.


You can ask any questions to the following contacts:

ICQ: 695779200
Skype: soks.proxy
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