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SOS Is this bad? i have alot of failed download aborded statuses

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Next to my campaign i also have the exclamatino point in red triangle....... i scanned for new proxies, some worked......but why is this look bad?



  • First open the download failed URLs to see if the sites actually work. (right click > open url)

    If the URLs open then its most likey your proxies or thread count.  Lower your thread count first and see if you sell get the message.

    If you do this and still get the message then it might be your proxies.  Public proxies are not good at all.  Try to get some private proxies.  Shared private proxies are ok to use if you are on a budget.  Dedicated private proxies are the best.

    Hope this helps.
  • As I am seeing in the picture these are the default web 2.0 sites and most of them don't work. 

    Why is this french site on the list? I put on setting avoid all sites that are not English and not from the USA!
  • Simple you checked the search engines only (options / search engines only).

    Now filter them out in your project. (web 2.0`s, directories, ect)

    double click on your project (or highlight the project and use the edit button next to new)
    press edit 
    go to web 2.0
    and any other non related niche`s 

    The same you can do for articles directories ect.

    @blackknight hope this helped a bit

  • i ended up unlclicking a while lot
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