Can we use 2 indexer?

Can i use gsa seo indexer and another indexing services?

Like ill check gsa seo indexer and another service like instantlinkindexer in global option and project data option or project option.. @Sven @ron‌

Will it really send to the 2 indexers? Or just one?


  • Yes - but dripfeed if possible. I use 3x indexers. GSA SEI doesn't get massive index rates by the way
  • can you show me a screenshot on how to enable this settings?

    @sven is this possible? how will gsa send it to the indexers? will it by batch or send it all at once?
  • SvenSven
    it sends urls to SEO Indexer all the time but for other services just in batches 100+ or every 5 minutes.
  • ic okay thanks!
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