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From where should I get email accounts for SER

As the title says i am in need for email accounts to be used in my ser projects . Can you tell me where to buy it . Is there any account creator which uses CB Or any Service which sells Account .

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  • Literally shaking my head....
  • Will Hotmail Accounts work good with SER     has no yahoo accounts
  • BanditIM
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    I recommend NokiaMail from BanditIM. Not a single broken email after 3 weeks. Had Hotmail accounts before (other provider) but they were utter crap. Still have 1000 Yahoo's which I haven't tested yet.
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    Where can i get BanditIM Promo Code

    Also I see NokiaMail From BanditIM Fails In GSA ( And No Refund ) So is there any other email service i can trust on

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    Why not setting up your own?
    I have a few small hostingaccounts, have 2 wildcard catchall-mails at a 3.95/month-host (including 3 domains and some pages for gsa-use), than you put 
    in gsa, done. 

    Bought mails before, a hassle to log in with the tool in 1000 accounts instead your single pop3, and usernames like

    As far as I know, hostgator doesn't allow that, most others do.
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    Thanks all my buyers first, and yahoos working with gsa again, if you need test or buy please send me email: or add my skype: email-accts
  • Guys what type of accounts should i get

    1) Nokiamail
    3)Yahoo [ which is not avaliable :(  ]
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    @ronit - Some people have problems with Nokiamail. You can buy 5000 BIMs ($5), and simply buy 50 nokia to test on your machine. If they don't work, spend the other 4950 BIMs on accounts which are working fine for most people :)
  • How Much Accounts Should I use With a Project
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @ronit, Hi bro, I have yahoos, and I just sent you some test accounts, just check your inbox, if you have any question please let me know!
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    @hotmailaccount  I never recommend buying emails from this guy. 90% failed and don't expect a full refund from him
  • second bandit im, best setup but they have not had yahoo accounts for some time.. Looking forward to those coming back
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @PHILIPPINES, haha, I offer 7 days warranty for GSA SER users, if you accounts dead in 7 days, i'll replace or refund for you. but you told your hotmail accts failed after 20 days, and i even give you half refund. No one seller can offer full refund after 20 days bro. Most sellers only offer 48 hours warranty. You give me bad feedback just I didn't give you yahoo test and won't do business with you.
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