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Captcha Breaker CMD

edited November 2014 in Need Help

I'm trying to figure out how to use the captcha breaker with cmd.
So far I use this but it doesn't really work: CapBreak_CMD.exe -o C:\result.txt C:\captcha.png
It gives the following :

ERROR: You have to start GSA Captcha breaker first.
ERROR: Unable to solve captcha.

the software is running on atm. I didn't found too much information about the cmd commands so a bit of help would be nice. Cheers, Hypofely

Best Answers


  • SvenSven
    start the cmd tool as admin...the webserver is not required for it to run.
  • i did started the cmd as administrator :/
  • SvenSven
    and you have captcha breaker running as well?
  • yes aswell started as administrator. tried on win8 and win7. started captcha breaker right click run as administrator and started cmd as administrator. cd to location and capbreak_cmd.exe c:\picture.jpg
  • Okay, may I ask please as soon as you can ? it is stopping a project launch of mine. Thank you Sven
  • Works like charm. Thanks again!
  • Sven did u tried run with psexec? Maybe i do something wrong but it's says Unable to solve for any captcha. maybe my string is incorrect:
    psexec \\remotepc -u admin -p adminpassword cmd /c ""%ProgramFiles%\GSA Captcha Breaker\CapBreak_CMD.exe" "\\computer\location\captcha.png""

    tried with psexec -s  and tried with runas to. The software fires up gives an error:unable to solve. and an error code 0 which is good tho.
  • If i use -i in the cmd line then the captcha gets solved just not showingthe result in my psexec client. However with the -o can sort it out but if you know how to apply the string for show result in psexec client please share with me :)
    Here is the string for others:

    psexec \\remotecomputer -u adminuser -p adminpassword -i "C:\Program Files\GSA Captcha Breaker\CapBreak_CMD.exe" -o "\\sharedserverlocation\captcharesult.txt" "\\computer\savedcaptchalocation\captcha.jpg"
  • SvenSven
    sorry never worked with this psexec so I have no idea how to help you here or fix things.
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