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how to use private proxies

GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
edited August 2012 in Need Help
I just bought 30 private proxies to test the waters

I am just not sure how I should go about it

how should I tell GSA to work only with those ?
or should I not tell GSA to work only with those ?
just throw them in the proxy list and leave it alone ?
how can I benefit the most out of those private proxies ?



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Did you get a chance to watch the video covering how to add your private proxies?

    You add your private proxies, test them and if they are good you just setup your campaign and go. :)

  • GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
    edited August 2012
    thanks for the video but my question is really this
    when you have 30 private proxies
    do you just work with them (I am usually running 80 threads)
    or do you use them in combination with public proxies ?

    how do people use them most efficiently ?
  • I use 50 and it's enough for a few hundred threads. This depends on the service you use. But you don't need one proxy per thread.
  • So you are saying there is no need to mix private with public proxies
    I will tell GSA not to get new proxies and just use my 30 private ?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Yes you only use your private proxies. I wouldn't want to mix them because the public proxies will have a much lower success rate then the private proxies. Mixing them = mixed results instead of all around better performance.
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