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Niche Specific Expired Domains for your PBN/301/Filter Needs.

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In short, we sell expired domains which are aged, niche specific, good DA, PA, TF, CF, Non Spammy Backlinks. You can register them at your favorite registrar for just the registration fee.

Skype/PM me to buy !

I am offering 5 review domains to reputed members with at least 50 posts.


  • ronron
    @everyone - I do try to point people in the right direction on this forum, and never steer people wrong. However, I normally never write a testimonial. I'll make a very rare exception in this case. 

    I wanted you guys to know that this is a very valuable service. I buy domains almost daily, and it is very difficult (actually highly difficult) to find domains in your niche that are aged, have strong authority metrics - and that do not have spam.

    I had the opportunity to review @sampath's service, the methodology and the end product - the domain. I can say this is a quality service, and in my opinion, worth every penny. Sam expends a lot of effort and expense into finding clean domains that are worthwhile. Not to mention he is a trustworthy individual.

    So if you are trying to build a network that can actually help you rank, this one is really worth it. And affordable.


    p.s. I refused to take any of his domains (no review copies, etc.) - I was not compensated in any way. I did this solely to check him out, and was very pleasantly surprised. Hence, my unsolicited pat on the back to him. 
  • Thank you for the review @ron.
  • edited November 2014
    @sampath   I`m in for a review.

    Good Luck with sales!
  • @libero, Sent you review domain.
    Hope, you were happy with the domain quality.
  • @sampath   Thank You!


    Received a decent domain with pretty awesome metrics - TF and CF 20+ and clean backlinks profile!
    The service definitely worth the price,

  • this is from 2014, still an active service?
  • Yes, still an active service.
    PM me what you need ?
  • Any review copy left since last year?
  • No review copies.
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