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@Spamvilla <= Does Low cost means... No service ? or No Customer Care ?

Hi there !

What it's better ? Paying more for a service that really works or paying Low cost for a service that doesn't exist ? I adress this question not only to spamvilla support, but to all of you guys that are using Spamvilla, what could be a great captcha resolving service. 

Here is my little experience with spamvilla, I know some of you guys get more lucky, but this is my case, and I know that I m not the only one in this situation.

More than one week that I m waiting for Kelvin support to resolve Spamvilla issues... unfortunalty I m still facing these problems and I had any kind of helps or explainations from Kelvin. 

I created a ticket on the spamvilla billing website, he telled me to add him on Skype, the day afterI still had no news from him, So I contacted him again :

On skype he telled me (on October 31th ): "yeah i noticed some captcha we are unable to picking up in our end... i m working on that"

At this point, Kelvin seems to be a honest person so I just said him : "Ok Kelvin, Good luck"

One week after, no support, no news, no answer on Skype.So I m asking to spamvilla : Does Low cost means... No service ? or No Customer Care ?  


  • Jameseo 

    Hi sorry it will be fixed today the problem it seems in api i must admit which happening with 2 customer only which is very strange One is you and there is another client i am working on that with tonight update i m going to do it will be all right and going to add few more supported captcha's too i m very sorry for your lost time i will make sure to add a week credits to both of you please wait for my ext reply here and skype thanks

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