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GSA Ser Templates (Sample)

Templates Can be made for GSA Ser or combined with FCS Networker
Skype contact: seotrends

Quick description on the template

First in command is a powerful template which has PHP Info Pages being the first project type to be launched at the money site. For those that don't know what PHP info pages are, they are high aurthority sites. They are a PHP files that shows information about your server which includes version information about apache/IIS, GD, etc. Since the money site is already getting links from an authority site, then we keep the momentum flowing and move in with a three way attack "The highest quality sites: "Web 2.0's" "Articles" and "Social Bookmarks"


Even though they are high quality links we want to make them even more powerful so they pass even more link juice to the money site. So we use supporting links "only high quality project types" and blast them with "Wiki links" "Social Networks" and "Social Bookmarks" once again. But to make sure we put the money site through the roof we hit the Wikis, Social bookmarks and Social Networks with "Micro Blogs and "PDF links" and drip feed them for 30 days.


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