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Decent dedicated servers

For those of you looking for dedi server alternatives that are decent and don't break the bank, I found a couple of providers (direct sellers, not resellers) that might be worth checking out:

You can customise your own dedi server to your needs like choosing between SATA and SSD drive, having more RAM for an incremental price increase, or even installing your own copy of Windows through IPMI/KVM.

Good luck :)


  • edited November 2014
    Dedispec is middleman, they resell datashack / wholesaleinternet.
  • @satyr85‌ yes if you make a close comparison, they do indeed have some similar packages to those of datashack but for some reason a few of them are even cheaper:

    And unlike datashack, they have a reseller programme so it's even more confusing lol
  • bangkoklad  Those server suppliers allow to run GSA ser?  All of them have bandwidth limits. 
  • I have one server with dedispec, thats why i know they are resellers:D Dedipsec reseller program is not active as far as i remember.

    @blackseocn  i would say over 99% datacenters allow seo tools as log as you use proxies. Yes all have BW limits but its not possible to kill 100mbps line with one Gsa copy.

    Some decent DCs from me:

    2 bulletproof dedicated/vps providers. Both dont give a shit about complaints etc:

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