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Few questions

Hi Sven,

Couple of questions about Email Spider:

1. I cannot seem to load up lots of keywords say 500 - I tried and the software would only scrape URLs and not harvest emails.
(I have stuck to using just one generic Keyword and all seems good now)

Can it only handle a certain amount of keywords?

Can I get it scraping faster?

I am running:

4 x 3.4GHz

I set it at 500 threads but it never seems to go over 300 - is there any point setting them higher?

I just want to get it running at its MAX.

Thank you.


  • SvenSven

    1. It's not limited to any amount at all. Though how do you load it with keywords? From file I hope?

    2. The amount of threads used depends ont he network speed and several other things. If you see a drop then it can be because no more targets can be parsed without a certain delay (to not get blocked on search engines) or because the program is busy sorting things out.

  • Thanks Sven  - yes I loaded keywords from a .txt file.

    It loaded them fine but then would not harvest emails - it would ONLY scrape targets.

  • SvenSven
    why you think it scrapes targets only?
  • Thats all I was getting when I loaded 500 keywords it was showing URLs in Queue but No Found Items?
  • Also Sven I have checked the "results.txt" its showing URLs and emails?

    I need just the emails...
  • SvenSven
    result.txt from where? Im sorry, maybe screenshots help to see if we are both talking about the same things?
  • question

    email spider says leave space between keywords. What is the format if the keyword is 2 words or more.

    Is "software development" "computer software"

    the correct format for multiple keywords with a keyword being a 2 or more words?

  • SvenSven

    you asked this by email already. Please use one way to get support next time.

    Anyway quotes are of course also fine when you use that...its handled as more unique parseing.

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