Please help me understand GSA Clean Up tool

JameseoJameseo Trafic organique
My question is about the clean up tool, but first let me explain the process, maybe it helps understand what happen.

Yesterday I have tried a method thinking it helps me in building my own site lists. I have launched a new Spam project using a lot of differents keywords and selecting almost engines to get more urls. My aim was, first to get a fresh verified list and process it with the GSA clean up tool. The clean up is for help me understand what engines works better, that could helps me to know what engines are better to target in the scrapping process.

My problem is that 90% of these verry fresh urls are unknown when I use the clean up tool. Am I missing something guys ?

Any help here is welcom :)


  • JameseoJameseo Trafic organique

    I m really sorry, I understood what happen. At the strating clean up process, i had unchecked the disable proxies checkbox.Know it's processing and it looks like ok. Please do you think this is a valuable method to understand what engines are giving best results ?
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