Request For Separate Connection Threads For scraping, posting and verification


I have a feature request to separate connection threads for target scraping, posting and link verification

My Problem:

I have several projects running for my own websites and many for my clients. I use tier link building process and use many AA list and list built from scrapebox and gscraper for higher tiers. Lists are in hundreds of thousands URLs and It takes several days to complete tasks. (Re)Verifying links takes much longer and that adds more delay for posting new links... 


1) Separate connection threads and proxies per project instead of global settings. To optimize use of different private proxies for different projects at desired speed. 

2) Separate connection threads and proxies per task – target scraping, posting, link verification as global settings. For improved speed with higher number of threads for different task. We can use private proxy for scraping and posting with 100-200 threads and use 1000-2000 public proxies for link verification. 

I know both may not be possible but I would highly request for second. That will significantly reduce time to verify links. I hope this will be considered at the earliest. 


Deepak Sakhrani


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Why not just get a second server? Then you could put private proxies on one and public proxies on the other and run them however you wanted?

    The proxy confusion seems unnecessary to me.
  • Hi Brandon, You are right adding new server will divide the load but the problem with time taken by verification process will still be there.

    I have few clients who want mass submissions and some want drip feed submissions. With global settings, We cannot control this for each customer. Hence I requested for separate proxy and connection threads per project.

    Also I have over 10000 URLs per project to verify and it takes lot of time. That delays my fresh submissions as my threads are very busy doing verifications every 24 hours. With separate task threads, GSA can speed things up.

    GSA currently does have option to select public / private proxies or even both for each task (SE scraping, submission, PR checking and Verification) However number of threads per task are not separated. We use common 100/200 Threads as standard global setting..

    I would request GSA team to review this request and see if this can really help other users to improve submission performance.

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