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Working towards selling email accounts

Hey Guys,

I am thinking of starting selling email accounts - Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL and

For my projects I make about 10,000 email accounts every month using my own bot. If there is sufficient interest in the service, I will rent out another VPS and create emails accounts for you guys.

Couple of questions and I will appreciate if you all can discuss here and let me know your thoughts  -

1. On an average how many email accounts do you need per month?
2. Which email provider do you prefer?
3. How much do you pay currently? (I dont want to be overpriced at the same time would like to recover VPS and software maintenance costs)

I am also open to suggestions and if there is adequate response, will put together a service and work towards putting it on here.



  • Hey Navin

    Mind if you let me try a few Yahoo or Mail RU Emails?
  • Hi there,

    this message is very old. I had an email bot developed that I used for quite some time to generate yahoo's, hotmail's and mailru's. Haven't used it for almost 8 months now as email providers constantly change their registration pages. As there was hardly any interest in this service, I discontinued getting it updated.

    If there is enough interest here, I might restart getting it updated.

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