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Threads not quitting

I'm facing an issue with SER where it happens that some campaigns simply stop working, when i monitor only their process log nothing is happening, it's just not moving forward and then when i try to restart the campaign by stopping it and starting again i can't get it into inactive mode, it just keep saying stopping, then when i try to stop all campaigns i can see that there are 10-20 active threads while nothing is happening and i can't shut down the SER unless i close it from task manager.

Any advice @Sven


  • SvenSven
    Could be the same problem like others had with the openssl libs on there PC. Somehow they had been broken and parsing https sites was no longer possible as they hang there.
  • I'll try removing SSL sites and see how will it go from there, but ser is definitely not running as it used to, its frequently happening that ser simply stop using some projects and just keep running one or two, then today I saw that there are 2000 active threads however not a single submitted link last hour nor there is any progress, them I stopped everything and I saw 2000 captcha breaker not responding errors.

    I'll try by forbidding posting on SSL sites.
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