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How can you create a new list inside GSA replacing the folders, verified, indenified etc?

I want to start fresh, it seems im having many problems with links or have bad lists, and would like to replace them with fresh new links.


  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    Using the info in this thread

    Maybe you could just specify a new folder for your project/verified list. This should start everything fresh I think..I didn't try it though.
  • or maybe you know a good way just to clean the list?
  • see im not sure how to do that, what do i have to do take out all the text files of all the folders?

    Does GSA create the text files if i start the new list if i do that or i have to created them
  • You can get some pretty detailed information about that if your are a subscriber for serlists. Way easier to and faster to just purchase a list and not scrape for beginners and advanced user alike. Your gsa stays cleaner as well as runs faster. There are other reputatble people as well but I personally can vouch as i have not used any other provider...yet :)
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