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i'm getting verified links but they are not showing up in the URL screen. (Screen shot)

linkedseolinkedseo NYC
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  • Wikis are not posting at all
  • SvenSven
    You see them there only if they are build after starting the program.
  • they been verified by email already
  • plus my wikis were posting like crazy now i can't get 1 to even post for some rreason
  • SvenSven
    "verified by email" << doesn't mean there was a link involved. Usually it's a email verification of a sign up, not a link checking.
  • my proxies never dies and are private I use solid proxies
  • use good captcha service and emails work fine
  • have 12 gigs and 3 cpu cores so i dont see any reason why its happens
  • they usually just post automatically now there not doing that why?
  • SvenSven

    This is a forum, no chat...please try to add what you have to say in one post.

    And please deliver some details like a log file. What you said above is not really helping to discouver the problem.

  • I did above in the image
  • SvenSven
    a wrong engine detected means that later posting is not possible as the site itself does not allow it.
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