Cannot register on another computer

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So I switched servers and wanted to install GSA on the new one. So I uninstalled it on the old one and reinstalled gsa on the new one. I left gsa alone for a few days because I was busy before registering my username and serial. It's now in the "demo is expired" state. So I go to register my name and serial, I get the "Please restart the program to take effect". I restart it by pressing OK, and it closes. I restart the program, and the same "demo expired" screen pops up.

It doesn't seem to let me complete the installation on my new server, even though it is completely uninstalled on my other one (which isn't even a requirement I believe). It just brings up the "demo expired" locker. Any help?


EDIT: My fault, it looks like it is case sensitive with the name, and for some reason its all uppercase in my situation. /thread answered
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