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Randomize Remaining Target URLS Feature

In theory I think this wouldn't be too hard to code and I'm sure many others could also benefit from this feature being implemented. When you import target urls directly from file you are given the option to randomize the urls in the list but when you import from a sitelist it always goes in a specific order.

So if you import target urls from sitelists into several projects which have the same priority you are going to be hammering the same urls quite a lot which can lead to more connection time outs, download failed (aborted), IP ban depending on how many proxies you have going, or more likely to end up with ugly captchas again depending on amount of proxies.

I would love to be able to randomize my remaining target urls with a few clicks. I'm aware there are several ways around the issue I'm talking about such as using global site lists which pulls random urls or exporting your target urls and re-importing them and choosing randomize etc but I think this feature would help greatly.

And in case anyone asks why I import urls from sitelists it is because, in my experience, you run thru your verified list significantly faster and will run thru the entire list in one import.


  • @Sven - Anyway this could be done?
  • SvenSven
    Since latest versions, the URLs are all sorted differently by each project. This should no longer be sorted or randomized the same way.
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