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Super low verified links

I don't know if it's because of the last update or with my options? My verified links vs my submitted links is so effin LOW!!!

Check the picture below

Can anyone help me with this? I'm experiencing this for almost a month now, and I thought that maybe this is because of the last update or not? Thanks in advance!


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    It would help if you provided more details.

    Like platform/engines you are targeting, project settings, etc.
  • ok wait i'll post the screenshot here :)
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    Okay here it is from platforms to emails

    image image image imageimageimage

    Global Settings -> Submission

  • @jpvr90 it's already posted above bro. Do you think it's because of my keywords amount? Because I use 877,000 keywords and everytime I save a project a message appears saying something like this:


    and I just click ignore, do you think this is the problem? @sven @ron @S4nt0s @gooner and other GSA guys. Thanks!
  • 877,000 keywords!!! Why so many? I don't think thats your problem though. Just dont understand the logic behind it.

    Anyways just taking a quick look I think its this setting:

    "Try to always place an URL with anchor text in description/comments."
    Many times this will set off spam alert/protection. It will get submitted but it will get caught in spam protection.

    This maybe why your submitted to verified ratios are bad.

  • Okay I will try to tick them off, and for the keywords I've read someone here said that, the more keywords the better. LOL! :)
  • @jpvr90 it is improving but not like before, I was able to make around 500+ verified links in a day, now it decreased big time!
  • @jpvr90 it's a bit okay now but still low on verified links.
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  • If you're using public proxies and scraping with GSA SER, then you shouldn't expect too many verifieds. I recommend you use a different tool for scraping, or even buy a list, and use GSA SER to post only, use it in its full potentional.
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