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Random URL for random words insertion using generic_urls.dat

I'm pretty new to GSA and net marketing. I saw a feature in GSA that you can insert random URLs for random words. I think this is a lot better and looks much more natural than using one of the link drop down options. So I selected no link from the drop down, removed all the default links in generic_urls.dat, and replaced them with my money site links. I did some previews with the articles I have loaded and it looks and works great. 

The only problem is that it seems like generic_urls.dat is universal for all projects. Is there any way to create multiple projects and use a different generic_urls.dat file for each one so I can insert different target URLs for different projects in GSA? I think this would be a great feature wouldn't it? Like I said I'm new to this so suggestions and technical help would be greatly appreciated.
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