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GSA Email Spider not harvesting

This morning the software did an automatic update and now will not harvest email addresses.  It has been running for 6-7 hours on a common keyword like car loans and not one address found.  It is harvesting web pages but nothing else.  The email test works fine and sends out a test email.  The auto mailer is enabled but there is nothing to send.  I've used this software for years now and never seen it do this.  Usually it's large bulge in the beginning and it gradually declines as it finds the same websites again and again under different keywords.


  • I should mention it's V7.11
  • SvenSven
    Try 7.12
  • That was the issue.  Now I remember yesterday when it started the update it said it was 7.12 but the software obviously didn't update itself properly.  I ran it this morning and it updated properly.  It seems to be working fine now.


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