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LPM steadily decreasing

Whenever I start SER, LPM is at 30-35.

Then over the course of an hour, it steadily decreases and stabilizes at 5 LPM (my lists haven't run out or anything). I have about 20 projects and 15 of them are contextual projects.

Then if I stop SER and instantly start it again, LPM INSTANTLY goes back up to 30-35 - then the cycle continues.

@Sven what could be the problem?


  • I've noticed, especially with contextuals, is that when you start or re-start SER it runs thru your que of accounts whether already verified or trying to login and post anyways if no verification email was found. Depending on your time to wait between posts or first post etc etc you may build up quite the que of accounts that need to be processed.

    Check your log. Do you see a lot of login successful or login failed messages when your LPM is high? This is why your LPM is high and then tapers off then. Before it was registering and verifying accounts and now it's just logging in and trying to post.
  • You may be right! I have set a wait time of 40 minutes for each project so this is most probably the issue. I will try reducing it down to something like 5 minutes and see if there is a difference.
  • SvenSven

    Indeed SER tries to login anyway even if no verification email has arrived. The reason is that some engines work even then and sometimes people verify emails them self.

    However this is done just once. The URL is removed from the queue and login to that one is the last step before it is removed and never checked again.

  • Solved the issue. It seems the problem was that I set up Captcha Tronix with CB instead of SER. Since Captcha Tronix is generally slow, it seemed to slow CB down BY A LOT. CB itself wouldn't solve many captchas and kept waiting for Captcha Tronix to solve captchas.

    I removed Captcha Tronix from CB and set it up with SER directly instead. Now I am getting a steady 50 LPM.

    Finally, GSA SER bliss. :D
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