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Still Dancing or Lost Forever?

edited October 2014 in Need Help
My site is kinda up and down, last week it is on Rank #1 then after 3 days it dropped down to Rank #4 then #7 then #10 then back to #5 and now it's NTH.

I know that Google Dance is normal, but I want to know how can I make the rank of my site stable? Should I use AA+ link to make it stable or what?

@sven @ron @S4nt0s and the rest of the SEO guys I need some help/advice :) thanks!


  • ronron
    When things are dancing, you need to let it settle. It usually takes 2-3 weeks. If it takes longer, and you are nowhere to be found, then you have been hammered.

    In the meantime, you simply continue the exact same linkbuilding regimen. There is an algo that nobody talks about much, and that is to see how webmasters react to these updates. They watch to see if you suddenly have no new links, or suddenly have a lot more linkbuilding going on. This would fall into the 'unnatural' category.

    You can't make your website stable.The algo is refreshing and propagating. Let it happen, then make decisions. 
  • The exact tiered link building I did when it ranked #1 on Google a week ago is still the same structure I use on that project. No change, no editing, nothing at all. So I only need to wait until it stabilize a certain position then after having a stable position, like #5 - #8 then I think that will be the perfect time to use AA++ links to make it rank higher. Am I right @ron ? Thanks for the answer.
  • @ron one thing that keeps me thinking is that, all of my web2s created by SER are ranked on the page 1 of Google, with my naked url to my MS in it. While my MS is not ranked at all! LOL! Where in the fact if your web2s are ranked and your MS is in it your MS will have good backlinks to make it rank. Wanna see what I'm talking about? Can I shoot you a PM?
  • ronron
    @iSagani - Having web2.0's that rank are part of the madness. I still have web2.0's from 2 years ago that still rank even though the MS's that they pointed to are all gone. To be honest, that is pretty normal.

    I would look at putting up some new web2.0's where you haven't already used that particular platform. Even if you pay for it or do it yourself. Just get some new platforms in the mix.

  • @ron Yea you are right ron, that is one of my f*cking problem. My Web2s are ranked while my MS isn't, which makes me think how is that even possible. LOL! :) But I'll try your suggestion and update you here whenever my site recovers its position. Thanks! :)
  • @ron now it's back again on Rank#3 and Rank#4 for two keywords, hmmm.... What do you think is the best thing to do? Wait until the dancing stops?
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