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Regarding verified lists.


I am a newbie when it comes to GSA. I would like to know how do you know the quality of a verified list and of its links?
Also, what do you recommend? Buy them from someone (recommendations please) or make them by myself?

Hopefully someone clears this for me, I woud appreciate it a lot. Thanks!


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    All you really have to go off regarding quality of verified lists, is what the general consensus is here on the forums. When it comes to that, all the big list providers (Myself, Serlists, Loopline) have pretty good reputations for quality.

    Building your own verified lists is time consuming and costly (LOTS of servers, lots of scrapers), its why people opt to buy verified lists - even if they build their own to.

    Purchasing a list is cheaper, frankly.
  • Its not time consuming at all or expensive to scrape, no need for lots of servers.

    I actually reduced my server count and scrape around 1/2 billion urls in less than a week.

    Everything can be done on one dedicated machine.

    If your starting out you can just let SER make its own verified lists (tick all engines and add lots of keywords) and most likely you will have the same list of urls as most sellers here.
  • Okay, thank you for the helpful replies. Also, how can I filter the links per country of a verified list?
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    While its true you can definitely scrape your own urls, to some degree, with a dedicated machine, your really misleading this guy to imply the quantity (Or quality) is the same.

    We've got 68 servers going, filtering through several billion urls a day. Out of that, we process maybe 15% with GSA, (Because, again, even we need more servers), and out of that we get MAYBE 60-70 thousand new verified urls per day.

    Can you filter a few thousand out yourself? Absolutely. If your just starting out, @block, then @jpvr is right.

    I'd do that before you ever purchase any lists. Its good to learn, and it will let you know wether I'm just hawking my product. Obviously I'm biased.

    Building lists at scale is definitely *not* cheap (If it was, we'd wouldnt be sinking thousands into servers every month).

    The major advantage to a purchased list, be it from myself or another list provider is you dont need a server.

    Say, 1 dedicated - around $200 per month
    Nor a processing server (To filter out those half billion urls per week.) - Another $200 + An extra GSA License

    VS Myself, Loopline, or Serlists. All around $30-$50 a month.

    Normally I would not get this involved in a simple response, but this is something I'm intimately familiar with, and obviously have strong opinions about.


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    $200 per month for dedicated server? Your getting robbed on that one.
    You can get a powerful dedicated server around $60-80.

    No need for 2 servers either. Everything can be done on same server.

    OP don't bother buying lists and build your own so you may learn process. It will be less spammed and anyways those lists die because of the amount of spam they receive.

    @Block Checkout the option "Skip sites from following country" if you want to target specific country. Just leave to country you want to target unchecked.

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    - I have a rule about not getting into flame wars, so @jpvr90, I'll see ya later. Though I'm religious about my servers, so just for the record, $200 was a ballpark number for a quasi-decent windows box with a 1gbp uplink. I pay more like $1500 a month for the boxes I use (Most of those 67 servers are nodes. Meaning they get virtualized.), excluding the Amazon instances we use to process all the data. -

    @block, I still highly promote doing some scraping yourself and getting familiar with how it all works. I would not invest a bunch of money into my own harvesting setup until you test a few list providers out, as *is* cheaper to just buy a list. Anyone who tells you otherwise is frankly, wrong.

    Have a good evening gentleman,

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    Its way more cheaper to do scraping yourself. No need to "invest a bunch of money for scraping".
    $60-$80 for a server your going to need anyways to run GSA.
    With this machine you can scrape, post, etc. Plus so much more.

    The cost of these lists is around $40 per month (that price is more than 1/2 the cost of the a dedicated server). You will have to buy every month because they are oversold and and links die quickly.

    So in the end you will be spending more money buying these spammed to death lists. I suggest you just learn to scrape yourself.
  • @jpvr90 pls what is the name of the server u are talking about or you can place the link here
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