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Download Failed (Aborted)... starting with 9.18

edited October 2014 in Need Help
I was running 9.17 and it was working. With 9.18 I get 100% Download Failed (Aborted) errors.

Timeout set to 180. Threads all the way down to 30. Tried it with and without public proxies and it failed on privates too.

Turned off stop on no-internet detection. No difference.

Can't find a link to 9.17.

Oh, and 100% of the failed sites... LOAD QUICKLY!!!!


  • SvenSven
    use the previous version linked to your start menu.
  • I don't understand.
  • Open your SER folder (right click -- > Open file location). From ther use Search_Engine_Ranker_old shortcut instead of Search_Engine_Ranker
  • Ah! Gottcha.

    But NOW all of my private proxies (old and new) are failing with a socket error. They test clean but when run they fail!
  • They can't just all fail with no reason. Test them with different softwares (maybe rank trackers, proxifiers etc.), try changing port from 8080 to 1080 or vice versa. Something must be off somewhere.
  • Having the same issue, all of my proxies test great and still getting the 'Sock Error'
  • Are you using loopline list by any chance?
  • No, not using it :-)

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