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Keywords Format for Tier 2


Sven first i will say i order the piece of software and this is absolute great product on the market!

If i use the single submisson or recursive mode all work perfect!

But if i want to use a projekt with Tier 1, Tier 2 from 301 redirects
use result urls PR3+ from the first Tier my hompage and my favorit keyword
and want to submit this results with a couple of keyword variations for a Tier 2 campaign

But i have a problem to creat right Tier 2 (with second keywords) projekt

My question:

For importing multiple urls you give in the manual on, to use this format ",Best SEO Software"

first i create a PR3+ tier as a single projekt with url and import keywords, use the import button copy from file (normal modus not recursive mode)
thats work all perfekt

next step i validate the url list with the PR3+ results and import that to Excel to submit the keywords for tier 2
results from the list
1 "http://my-urls/,my favorite keyword"
2 "http://my-urls2/,my favorite keyword"
2 "http://my-urls3/,my favorite keyword"

Next step i submit that in redirect PRO multible urls Add/import/ from txt. file

But this creat urls the look like this http://my-urls/,my+favorite+keyword the goes not to the rigth url target, its not creat the urls from Tier 1 with new keywords? What i do wrong?

what i have to do to creat url/keyword Keyword without that + in the line


Best Answers

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    the format is always with a # between keywords and URL. You seem to have forgotten this in the later examples.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Sorry but in what mode is csv not supported?
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Next version allows you to choose the format.


  • Thank you for fast response on sunday! Thats a great support!

    This sign # was the problem i forgot to copy that, now all is working great!!

    Would be great in the feature is there a option to save the results in csv. (time safe to work with many urls)

  • results in csv. for multiple urls

    csv. is working in all other mode (single, recursive mode)
  • Hello

    When you Add multiple urls from a text file, and you click save to file (choose the folder), automatically the urls get saved in txt. mode (no chance to csv. possible).

    I have the indexer to, use them every day for statistik links to backlinks, but he can save the results in csv. in the choosen folder. I like this option, for submitting the links to indexer later. Is possible to sort the links and mix them for dripfeed submission.
  • Thank you ! Great!!!
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