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Automated Email Sender


is it correct that i can send automated email's from the list i harvested using your GSA Email spider? 

how many Email's can i automatically send every hour? 

do i need the email users to subscribe before i can send them an automated emails? or I'm allow to send an email anytime i want?



  • Yes you can send mass mail and not it does't require them to subscribe. But don't spam, you can got to prison for that in some countries and face a fine.
  • SvenSven
    What @RuFFCuT said is right. You should check the law in your country to it. However the program itself does not send an email out twice to the same person (unless modified). That pretty much is not spam in my eyes, but still Im no lawyer.
  • @RuFFCut  thank you so much

    @Sven I trusted some of your software, now  i will also trust GSA Email Spider


  • Not only you can go prison, in my country I can spam as long as I want.
    But the main issue is that you usually want software like GSA Spider, GSA SER, GSA verifier and so on on a dedicated server(s). They are usually in another country - US is the cheapest option, and you know...if they catch you will huge outbound traffic and extreme usage of port 25...You should separate Email Scraping from Email Sending...most providers are OK with you scrape 24h on their server (except you don't notice them directly that you will scrape...because some ... are sensible even to collecting personal data). Anyway in most cases you will be fine scraping, but most probably they will ban you if you send huge amount of emails, even with proxies and so on.
    I would use GSA Spider on some server for scraping, and use another tool for sending on your server in offshore country (Russia, Romania and so on).
    I think i gave you enough hints.
    Once again it will be a nice idea if Sven could (I am sure he can if he has enough time) develop another tools for sending with some fuzzy options. Sven if you need me to give you some hint about possible new software, I am here.

    Best regards,
    The Big Dog
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