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No one backlink from googl

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Hello, i have a question, it's possible that i have 0 backlinks from googl? and seems that my website it's not banned or have something wrong..
I have more 1000 backlink from alexa, more 400 backlink from yahoo, and 0 backlink from googl...Please help me if someone have the same problem or know something regarding this...


  • what do you mean with 0 backlinks from google? use ahref or majesticseo to know your backlinks.
  • @rodol im checking with webmaster tools from google, and with PR status toolbar. and it don't show me no one backlink
  • What you saying is that webmastertool is not recognizing any of your backlinks.

    are you sure your site is indexed in google?

    also try
  • Yes my site is indexed, i find a lot of links when using site:

    and with link: no one link, so which can be the problem?
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