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Better content matching feature

edited October 2014 in Feature Requests
Hi First, i want to say I love Ser, and his great devloper Sven. That being said, i would love ser to give more flexibility in the choice of content to submit. Example: I have a site about animals, many kind of animals. Then, i have articles, about dog, cat, horses... Many articles. The need: When ser is on a cat oriented target, use the cat article. When ser is on a dog oriented target, use the dog article.... Doesn t it sound natural? To do so, here are few suggestions ser could give us much more power: 1) Include ruby scripting feature, so, in engine file, we could manipulate content (keyword density...) to make a choice of article to use. 2) external API (like question capcha) where html content of the page will be passed so we can generate article on the fly. I even ask for more: I beg you give us the ability to compute , algorithmically (db feeded) generated articles on the fly, that will be relevant to the target. For example, in blog comment, we could generate article saying " i agree with comment of Johń when he says that...." I am actually playing with Natural language processing framework for Ruby, and it allow to make great things! But to do so, we need a way for ser to give us a hand , allowing to plug article auto generating feature into it. Please, give us that power


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