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gsa showing important message: no target to post to

it has just about 39 varified links yet it keep showing no target to post to, pls need help on how to overcome this am  really stocked here


  • It means exactly what it says: there are no made targets to post to. If you are using a list, then that list ran out of usable sites. If you are scraping with SER, then it means that SER simply cannot find more targets based on your keywords. If you are using contextual links only, then this is to be expected.
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    @monie nailed it. This can also have alot to do with setting strict filters up (If you've done that.)

    As a rule, the higher quality link you want, the fewer targets your going to be able to hit. This is partially why tiering is so popular; it lets you do something with all those "Less useful" links.
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