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Were Can I Find GSA's SVN?

edited October 2014 in Need Help
I usually never upgrade to latest version of GSA unless there is a MAJOR change due to the fact sometimes the upgrades leads to lower performance due to undetected bugs from recent changes, etc..

I accidentally upgraded to 9.15 and immediately afterwards I started getting memory errors from GSA and I noticed that GSA started to bog down because of it. I've been using the exact same settings for about 40 day's and I did not once have a problem (with 9.13) I actually just let SER do it's thing and only checked it once a week. So I know it has be something undetected in 9.15

I would like to go back down to 9.13 since that's the version that worked flawlessly for me. Is there an official SER SVN available were I can download 9.13 again or if anyone has copy of this version available?


  • SvenSven
    no old versions available but you always have a link on the startmenu with the pervious version to use.
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