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Question about Target URLs

If I have checked the global verified list inside the project, and I ALSO have target URLs imported into the project, does SER try to use both simultaneously, or does it only use the target URLs?


  • SvenSven
    it will first submit to the imported urls and later use the site list once they are all used
  • Thanks @Sven. I'm having a little problem. Despite there being more than 17000 target URLs left for each of 5 projects, all of them are showing the "no targets to post to" message. What could be the problem? Isn't it only supposed to show that message if it has completely run out of URLs?
  • Restarting SER fixed it I think.
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    Thank you Sven. He said it right.
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