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Modify memory in GSA

Does anyone know how to mod the memory usage in GSA so that it takes advantage of the full 4GB in a 64-bit setup as much as possible.

I know it is because with one of the updates recently, I saw it go up really high with the memory usage and verified links and Sven has alluded to it before as well. I made the mistake of updating it.

I need to create close to a million links a day and more sometimes and it's a real head-ache having to baby sit the multiple servers.

Or alternatively, is there another software that does what GSA does but faster + volume of links (not xrumer). Cost is not a problem.

Inb4 - use project scheduler
Inb4 - lower threads
Inb4 - use more private faster proxies
Inb4 - upgrade to better servers etc...

I'm doing all of the above and not skimping on costs but it still takes a lot to get reasonable mileage out of what I know is technically possible.
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