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Aviod Adding Verified To Global Verified

@Sven, could add a feature to disable adding verified url's to the verified list if the particular project is using the verified list?

What I mean by this is, let's say if you have a project in SER and in the project settings you select to use the "verified sitelist". Now let's say you have the "Build verified sitelist" option enabled in SER.

If the project is using the global verified sitelist, it would make no sense to add the verified url's from that project back into the global verified sitelist, all this would lead to is a bunch of duplicate domains that you already have. It's almost like a dog chasing it's own tail.

This also makes it difficult when trying to build your site list while utilizing the verified list at the same time because if all the majority of your projects are utilizing the verified list and you have the "Build site list option in SER", all this would do is cause SER to go slower and slower because as more duplicates from the same domain get's added, you'll start getting more and more "allready parse" messages. 

Now, let's say I have 5 projects, 5 of the projects would use the verified list (so it can build links at a consistent rate without worrying about sites it cannot post on) and the 6th project would use the identified list (this will allow SER to add all the verified url's from the projects that's using the "identified list" into the "verified list". In turn, what this would do is allow you to grow your sitelist and allow your other projects to continue to post to the new targets that's being added without having to worry about duplicates being constantly added.

So to simplify everything, would it be possible to add a global setting such as "Build sitelist from projects using identified list only" within SER's global settings?


  • SvenSven
    well it should not add them to the list if they come from same list. 
  • Are you saying if you have "Build Verified list" enabled in SER's settings and you have project's using the global verified list, GSA should not add the links produced by those project's into the global verified list?
  • SvenSven
  • Interesting, is this something you added within the last few releases?

    I'll re-run my project's to make sure im not mistaken.
  • Ok, currently all my project's are using the verified list.

    I just cleaned my verfieds list right now, enabled "build verified list" and with 5 minutes I got 260 duplicate domains?
  • SvenSven
    will check it.
  • Hi @Sven, I haven't been using SER for a while and I just tested it today and it still seems this problem exist in the current release of SER?
  • SvenSven
    It's over a year old thread so I would say I have fixed that. But if you know a situation where this is not working, please give me exact URL so I can debug.
  • Yes, and that's why I was surprised that this issue still exist. No point in creating a new thread. It's not about a particular URL, it's with SER itself. All you have to do to replicate this is create a project, set that project to read from the global verified list, set SER to add verified url's to the global verified list under Options > Advanced.

    You'll see that SER will add the same url's from the global verified list back into the global verified list which is counter productive. A simple fix for this would be to prevent SER from adding url's from the verified list if it's reading from the verified list.

    If you want, I can provide you with test projects if you don't want to create them. If you for some odd reason can't replicate the problem or don't understand, I can create a video showing you. Let me know.
  • SvenSven
    yes please send me the test project.
  • Sent, check you PM.
  • SvenSven
    fixed something on it for next update. The problem was that on a verification, there was no information where the original source was from. This is now added in the *.verify file.
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