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Indexer Not Receiving Urls From Search Engine Ranker

edited August 2012 in Need Help

For some reason the indexer isn't receiving
the urls to index form gsa search engine ranker. I’ve checked all the
settings and everything is good. It will sometimes get 1-2 urls and then stop.
Not sure what’s going on with it.


  • SvenSven
    And you are using the latest version?
  • It was not going in lindexed properly till 3 days ago and I used to do it manually every day. Bt since yesterday I see it going properly on its own. Thanks Sven.
  • It's still not working right. I am using the new version. Its only getting some, like 1/4 of the made links make it to indexer.

    I'm also not sure how well the indexer actually works. i tested it with 100 unindexed urls and only used the indexer at full once a day for a week and only 11 are indexed.
  • How does indexing interface work. There is no "test" option on screen after you enter api id.

    I added Nuclear Link Indexer and entered api id, but I dont see any links showing up in NLI. How can you tell if the api is working?
  • SvenSven
    open the show verified urls dialog, select some urls followed by the popup menu to send links to the indexer.
  • Sven,

    I thought the indexer received the verified urls from gsa automatically? Thats why I bought it. It worked fine a couple of days after purchasing than one of the updates broke the function. 

    Can you please fix it? 
  • SvenSven
    it is working still, just that i asked you to test it this way if it works at all for you.
  • edited September 2012
    Sve, I also thought it has started working correctly but it seems to be back on its old ways. I am using lindexed and ser is sending only 10 urls at a time to lindexed and that too very few times. I am getting around 1000 verified links per day across 7 projects and only around 70 are being sent to lindexed.
  • It seems that its a problem with GSA Search engine ranker and not the actual indexer.
  • I followed your instructions --->open the show verified urls dialog, select some urls followed by the popup menu to send links to the indexer.

    I get popup that says successfully sent, but none of the links show up in Nuclear Link Indexer.

    Are there any tests to determine that api interface is working like its supposed to?
  • SvenSven
    @fng as I don't have an account on this indexer I can not test it. If you can provide me some details in private message I can have a deeper look and debug things.
  • Sven,
    I selected all the verified urls of a project (1933 urls) and selected to send it to for indexing. Instead of sending all of them in a single query (you can send upto 10000 urls in a single api call) GSA is making multiple api calls sending 20 urls each time. And it sent only 20 such api calls sending around 400 urls instead of all the 1933 urls.
    Automatic sending of verified urls to lindexed is much weaker. Sometimes it sends a few urls, sometimes it doesnt send at all. I think GSA is waiting for some kind of event to send to lindexed but that even gets missed out more often than not.

    If you want, I can share my vps details, lindexed account details etc for you to debug. Pls let me know. Once again thanks for a great product that is giving great results.

  • SvenSven
    next version will improve certain things on the indexing.
  • The last update finally fixed the issue. Gsa indexer is not receiving all the urls from search engine ranker. Thanks Sven!
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