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GSA template

Hi, there is a way to create an automatic template? Because I am creating 20 to 30 projects with almost the same settings every day and it is a tedious task to configure it all over and over again. There is a way to create a template that can be used for new projects?


  • Create a master project for all the different project types and then just duplicate these

    You still have content and email to sort, but it's a lot quicker
  • This way it don't save the emails? Because I will use the same email (a catchall) for all projects.
  • easypeasyeasypeasy
    hit me up, I have the perfect solution for mass automating gsa ser, especially if you own more than one server.
  • If you are using a catchall then this works perfectly.  It does save the email, but as I don't use catchalls any more, I need to change them when I start a new project
  • Found a solution if anyone else have this problem. I am using Wicked article creator to autofill the fields and saved the options settings in GSA itself.
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