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Manually pause a project?

@Sven Is it possible to manually pause a project?

For example, if I set the project to pause at 50 submissions, it does that. But if I restart the project (or stop and start SER as a whole) it submits ANOTHER 50.

To prevent this, I could set the project to Inactive, but I DO want it to continue posting 50 submissions the next day without manually setting it to Active.

So is it possible (or can you add a feature) to manually pause the project such that it pauses TODAY but it CONTINUES POSTING the next day?


  • SvenSven
    Well not really. It should not submit another 50 links when you restart it. It's like this. It will see how many links have been build from the time you start it to the time you set it in pause options. If there is a room to place some more links, then it will do that and stoop. However it might not be 50 but way less.
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