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Kitchen Sink Links

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Can someone please tell me which engines are the kitchen sink links. Indexer ? Bookmark ? Redirects ?



  • All gsa ser is kitchen sink.
  • SvenSven

    BS...the content is what it makes a good or bad link. One of my sites was SER all alone and yes it got hit by the latest update gone from 3rd to 50+ but is now back to 15 and claiming again to top.

  • Yes i also have sites seo'd only with SER alone, yesterday was hit and this morning was dancing to its old ranking possition.

    What i am happy about is that all my sites that were producing income went up in rankings or kept their possitions. That are so called churn and burn sites for me, they were seod with gsa ser (only contextual links) but only for anchor diversity. Most seo juice value that rank the sites come from other sources (not automated link building). So yes SER helps me tremendously at every site project but nowadays solo use it to rank in high competitivity niches might not be enough, as the algorithm changes come this often.

    Its all about what is your individual personal definition of kitchen sink. I would call kitchen sink all the automated seo but only for my personal refference.
  • teoteo
    edited October 2014
    Same here @Sven , @eLeSlash , one of my sites that I am not using GSA SER, hit yesterday by the latest Google update and lost 50+ positions for my main keyword and I saw some improvements to some of my inner pages. I am going to create some manual high authority WEB2.0 sites and using GSA SER for Tiers. I read that if I want to rank again I have to make backlinks to the inner pages and not using my main kw at all. Can you please tell me if this advice is correct @Sven , @eLeSlash ?

  • There is not such thing as a general 'how to recover' tutorial from google algo changes. Every site has its own reasons why it got affected. You cant really generalise.
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    @teo Inner pages are definitely more important now than they were before; I had several sites actually improved in ranking since the update, and almost all of them focused on inner pages.
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