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Verify List and Tiers

I would like to know if I can delete all the Tiers 2A and 3A (kitchen sink links) from my projects as I never build links to those tiers ? ? ? Is there any benefit for GSA SER to keep them or not ?

And second question please, the verify list that gsa ser write the verified urls, is any important ? I mean can I delete it every time before add the scraped urls to the projects ?

Thanks in advance


  • ronron
    1. Yes, not a problem at all. It's all recorded on the internet already.

    2. If you are trying to make one-time links to one-time domains (no multiple posts), then you need the verified and account history there to prevent SER from posting again and again to the same domain.

    If you don't care about posting more than once to the same domain, then you can delete the verified. 
  • Thank you @ron for your answer
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