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i just dont understand why is article or web 2.0 below 2% success rate

edited October 2014 in Need Help
i am a new beginner at SEO, but i understand that web 2.0 and article campaign  is just only about register, and posting articles and directed the desired link with our settings
i ran 1 thread, to see the log, all the activity of this awesome GSA SER
but i am confused, GSA is only registering to many web 2.0s or anything else, sometimes verifying emails, without submiting the articles.
is this a bug? because when i select web 2.0, it means the engine will match up. 
i only get 1 verified articles of 100 submission 



  • SER isn't very good at submitting to Web2.0 as they change the sign up process to frequently.  You'd be better with SERengines or something like FCSNetworker or Rankwyz
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