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What are we using to supplement CB for recaptcha?

Just as the title says - what are your fall back options to handle recaptchas? Finally got CB up and running only to find it's skipping recaptchas. 

So, what is the preference? What's working today? I see a few options in B/S/T but nothing definitive. I would much rather pay per month for unlimited solves than use a DBC/credit system.

Hoping this can help other new people I've met along the way. 

Current, timely information is requested - double blobs are staring us in the face.


  • You can try us we have highest proven accuracy for recaptcha (blobs and regular or other variations) compare to any other system exist at the moment

  • Does anyone want to directly endorse or refute Spamvilla? It's certainly a brand name, but here's a perfect chance to put a fresh review out there for this dumb question that gets asked all the time. 

    Help a brother out.
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    Sometimes your going to have to dive in and take chance with services. $30 won't break the bank to test his service.

    Personally I have used spamvilla in past and support was horrible and system would go offline. I have read the latest reviews in sales thread and seems support still seems lacking and people still complain about downtime. So I rather not use it personally.

    Also notice you asking a lot of questions, many question topics have already been answered if you do simple search and read through threads.
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    I have not asked "a lot" of questions, and my issues were unique enough to be asked to document for future users. Thank you. I try to have good forum etiquette. I do my google and search: research. I go through the threads.

    Sometimes asking a question in a fresh space with TIMELY information is the key to keeping users moving along. You need to aggregate knowledge into consensus to drive innovation.

    Like, I wouldn't have gotten your review of @Spamvilla and their service, current as of 10/19/14. Hopefully @spamvilla will respond.
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    The "knowledge is already aggregated" in forum to most of your questions LOL :)

    Reading past sales thread and new sales thread would have helped you come to your own conclusion. Instead you wait for a tailored made response directed to you.

    Maybe to lazy to read and want to get spoon fed.

    Go ahead and try spamvilla, like I said $30 won't break the bank. Maybe you will like it.Your procrastination is your own worst enemy.
  • Perhaps you're not as clever as you think, keyboard cowboy. You've contributed, now you can leave the thread. Thank you. You were offered a direct opportunity to address the claim to @spamvilla but you say throw your money away? Bad forum juju.
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    Don't be so sensitive :)

    You response shows me you haven't bothered to read sales threads to spamvilla or else you would know that some people love it and some people have mixed feelings about it.

    What else are you waiting for? Read the reviews here and on other forums and make you own decision. You won't get anywhere with your current mentality.

  • Sensitive? You're cluttering my post with assumptions about what I have or haven't done leading up to my purchasing decision without any basis in fact or even circumspection. You're just some dumb schmuck who thinks passively evaluating forum posts is sufficient. Go waste your own money. Engaging directly on my own thread to ask those who wish to contribute to it, by no force of their own, is an active buying decision step. My thread, my follow ups when someone posts. So gtfo my thread.
  • j1387  no offence but after 2013 , lets say from 2014 starts we dont have any major downtime , we were always the first service to update the recaptcha ocr , support is very fast now some clients were facing problem on auth we replaced the whole server and its solved , you can see a numerous reviews in bhw , and many other places eg: currently we are solving even text captcha free for our ocr client a thread will be shortly announced as i am still running its in beta but its fully functional and active ;) if you ever want to try our services feel free to add my skype kelvinthechamp and see the diffrence thanks

  • eveeve
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    lmint,  I want to suggest you my reCaptcha OCR 2.0 :)

    Our solve time is only 0,5 seconds. 
    0.5 USD per 1000 good solves
    no charge for bad solves
    100 free credits for sign up
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