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GSA URL Redirect PRO 1.24 starts on it's own

After some GSA SER maintenance and a VPS reboot, 

GSA URL Redirect PRO V1.24

Starts by itself.  After several attempts to stop it manually (it continued to restart by itself), I had to uninstall it.

How do I reinstall?  How can I stop it from restarting on auto?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    ok seeing that issue now and will fix it in next version.


  • sing99sing99 Los Angeles
    Now, after uninstalling it, the demo version reinstalled itself and continues to try to run.
  • SvenSven
    I guess it's because SER starts it as it is checked in indexer options?
  • sing99sing99 Los Angeles
    I can't even access the settings.  The program is just restarting even after closing with Task Manager.  And I uninstalled it from Control Panel so it doesn't appear there, but it still keeps restarting.  How do I open a ticket and show you a short behavior video?
  • sing99sing99 Los Angeles
    OK.  It's some sort of glitch.  I rebooted the VPS again.   Although URL Redirect is not installed, it starts by itself whenever I run GSA SER.  If I stop GSA SER, URL Redirect does not run.
  • sing99sing99 Los Angeles
    @Sven I re-read your reply.  No, URL Redirect PRO is not checked as an indexer in GSA SER.
  • sing99sing99 Los Angeles

    I erroneously had GSA SEO Indexer checked, eventhough it's a separate product that I never purchased.  

    After unchecking the GSA SEO Indexer, the Redirector does not start on it's own, even after reinstalling.

    I need to think through your responses more carefully Sven.

    When the Redirector in checked as an indexer I guess it creates another Tier of backlinks as redirects.  Is that so?
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