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What are you running SER on?

edited January 2013 in Need Help
As a newbie, I wanted to get some basic info on what people are running the SER on (in case I need to beef up my install)?  I know it is probably dependent on the number of projects one is running but never the less wanted to get some benchmark.  My install is:

Type = VPS, CPU = 1 core, Mem = 2GB, HD = 100GB, Net = 100Mbps, Threads = 40, Other Apps on same machine = CS, Indexer


  • Type = Dedicated server
    CPUs = 4 HT (8 virtual)
    Memory = 32 GB
    HD = 2 TB RAID 1
    Net = 100 Mbps
    Threads = 230+
    Other apps = Xrumer, CS, SENuke, AMR, Scrapebox, Zennoposter and a lot more

    IMHO your VPS is more than capable and you could get a lot of submissions if you tweak your settings accordingly. Start slow, learn, tweak, compare, tweak again until you find a good system that works for you.
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