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Is this tools really affordable to buy?

hello all.
i just purchase the GSA SER a few days ago, and i found that i need some indexing service.
so i google a few hours reading some discussion about indexer service or tools.
what i found, that this GSA SEO indexer is not have a good reputation in the market? 
do you think this tools is great? i have found some threads in BHW that this tool is not really useful
need a guide , thanks before


  • SvenSven

    Well what do you expect me to say? Don't buy it? Im the developer of it. And if you read on BHW about our tools, you will find both sides, some love it, some hate it (especially the CaptchaSniper fan boys).

    Anyway it's a 20 USD application hat helps getting links indexed. It's of course not compareable with indexing services, else we would have not added any to SER but kept ours there alone.

  • @stevenvanile,i would suggest you buy it,for a price of $20 its a tool that can help you to index certain types of platform links created by GSA ,my advice,buy it,you won't regret buying it
  • xeroxiasxeroxias United States
    Firstly,You would need Captcha Solving software too! i use captcha breaker and deathbycaptcha for that.
    Secondly, Proxies for harvesting and posting. (if you are in a budget, use nohand proxies)

  • edited October 2014
    You need to try tools yourself not read outdated posted on biased forums. Do you need it no is it worth it absolutely. Test things they always get changed and upgraded....

    If you just purchased gsa you should focuse on learning the software it seems simple but it's really complex and can do way more than you expect.

    If you have gsa ser and captcha breaker you can build links all day with just those given you have a good list.

    Personally I don't use gsa indexer or build out crazy tiers I build better tiers and send to good indexing services and like everything else the more diverse the better i would assume..

    Affordable  ? ? Didnt you just buy it? Then you know it under 100 bucks for a license that I belive you can run twice which is way more affordable the 67/m or 157/m for one license isn't it? Gsa is probably the most affordable link building tool on the planet

  • thanks a lot guys for replying my comment
    lot of resourceful opinion

  • it would be a more great it it has a scraper tools built in congif on GSA SEO indexer, I currently using it until now but there were no new site to scrape. It would be great if it add that module. 
  • For indexing you can use:
    Tier 2 GSA links
    Instant Link Indexer
    GSA SEO indexer
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