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Coding private templates for sell

I've got feature requests which I think will increase sales a lot. Coding new engines for GSA is very simple and nice (thank you Sven!), but we can't sell them because 1 copy of them can be used on all GSA licenses. If it will be a way to code template for specific license lot of people will create templates and sell them like on zennoposter and (in future) in xrumer. A lot of people want to automaticaly link on non-spammy sites and I'm sure they will buy GSA when they can buy nice templates with support from the seller.
What do you think?



  • I'd love some new templates. Or even improvement(s) on current templates.
  • Hunar: I'd be happy to sell, but only when I've got confidence, that they will stay in your gsa license. I'm making some "TR" links, sites when too much people will add their link, they will close them :( This is the reason why I think Sven should think about my request.

    Sorry for my english
  • I am interested in gsa templates.. I don't know much coding... I have bben trying to see if I can add my own list into gsa and get it to post on some high pr sites I havent seen. Maybe even citations for local seo which I havent looked into yet..

    Can't you encrypt it like serengines does? I can't raed their file to adapt the web 2.0 properties or profiles easiely or put a tracking number in it? or that would be no good becuase when you find out who did it it would be to late?

    Please let me know templates  I haven been using ms and sen but latelt really love gsa but dont have time to learn how to mod it better myself.

  • I can't encrypt them like SERengines, they have API for GSA. I'm not the only one, who want to encode and sell GSA templates, can you imagine how will options look, when everybody will have API? :D
    API for NDZ
    API for John

    Especially that I want to code templates for my country, ppl around the world maybe not be interested.

    You can send me a PM if you want to code some scripts, maybe I can help you.
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    I would also like the option to encode custom engine files, thought I've not looked into it enough to know if this is a already a feature. If Serengines is doing it the infrastructure must already be there?
  • @ndz, what type of platform templates have you coded so far?
  • In my all "carrier" over 50-60 profile templates for hight quality link, now I'm starting to code again. But this thread isn't about me.
  • @ndz, send me a preview of one of your templates. send me a pm
  • +1 for this leading software such as Xrumer already have this option 

  • And I know, that mod creator will be upgraded soon (this year) and it will have a lot of options + xrumer allow to add links to sites wich uses .js to register etc. I still love GSA, but this option im my opinion will improve GSA a loooot, especialy in penguin and pada times - sometimes it better work, when we can add some non-spammy links to our money site.
    Greetings and thanks for your support, maybe Sven will see this thread :)
  • Would be a nice feature to be able to lock engines to a certain installation/license, but then having them encrypted would mean that the end user would not be able to make any updates or additions to the engine on their own.
  • +1 this would breath new life into SER and make it powerful once again
  • I send Sven a PM, he said, that he doesn't have time for now to do this, but he is the last person on planet, that woudn't add this to GSA. So we have to stay turned and wait :)
  • Hey whats mod creator? I ask my seo company to put x-rumer back on vps so I could check out mod creator and they said no thats zenno poster and they installed and license that with code creator? I am confused and zenno is more for reinventing the wheel right lots of programming to learn I think I dont know if I want to get distracted by it.

    Gsa seems to do pretty much everything I need I still can't believe gsa is under 100 bucks for a license you can run twice. If I was gsa ser I would add a browser window, a macro recorder to teach it sites and user defined settings.. And a synnonym dictionary so like say your writing and about me page for web 2.0 you could say spin phrases only and then go through and right click and spin the rest with synnonym you want or favorites quickly. Then you would have a great spun about me page and others. Ten I dont think I would ever leave the program. They could charge way more
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